Use the Cassini spacecraft to strum Saturn’s harp strings!

This app is optimized for widescreen viewing. If you are on a mobile device, rotate your screen.

While grazing the surface of Saturn’s rings on July 7, 2017, the Cassini spacecraft captured the highest resolution color image ever of the intricate patterns found within the central B Ring. We’ve converted all 2 million pixels of this image into musical notes with the brighter rings producing higher pitches. This allows Cassini to strum the ring system like a harp for one last song before its fiery demise in September of 2017. Switching the harmony from major to minor will reveal a colour-enhanced version of the image in which regions with more water ice appear redder.

Click anywhere on the image to begin or control Cassini with your keyboard!

(z = manual mode, x = automatic mode, c = slower, v = faster, n = major harmony, m = minor harmony)

The open source javascript files used to create this are available here along with our other interactive apps .